It’s 2021. 

I had a sudden (but extremely obvious) thought this morning – all people born in 2000 will be 21 this year! 


Why is it that I still think of 10 years ago as the 2000s? 😂 Well, anyway. 24 is NOT old, but it’s feeling older all the time. *shrug*

Side note: According to random personality tests, I’m actually aged 65-80 in my brain. So, there’s that.

Just for fun, here’s some little, personal notes about 2020. Feel free to answer the questionnaire for yourself! 😊

  • Best thing: My beautiful sunshine, Annie 💗 She brings so much light to my world; her smile is the loveliest sight; and her laugh warms the depths of my heart.
  • Hardest thing: The BIRTH of my beautiful sunshine — Childbirth is a marathon for mom AND dad.
  • Most surprising thing: Buying our first home (no, it wasn’t planned…ha) It’s been SO fun to have, but the process was NOT!
  • Best professional moment: Hearing from students about how much my time at LCA meant to them
  • Best familial moment: Watching my husband become a daddy
  • Most challenging thing: Trying to maintain friendships in the midst of COVID-19 — I miss hosting!
  • Something I loved and why: Adopting Buddy ♥️ We adopted him from Tulsa Humane Society RIGHT before Tulsa shut down due to COVID. He brought a lot of laughter and fun to some dismal days. Even though he’s been difficult at times, he has become an important part of our lives. 
  • Something I disliked and why: Being pregnant 🤪 I did not feel like myself mentally, physically, emotionally, or even spiritually.
  • A lesson from 2020 I will carry with me: Relationships are the most important things in life — with God, with family, and with friends — and they will carry you through any trouble.

Did you do any reflection on 2020? Feel free to share in the comments! 

God bless you all in 2021!