Brown eyed beautiful six-year old,

Runs around her backyard out in the snow,

All bundled up, from head to toe.

She didn’t see the hole her puppy dug in the yard.

She tripped and fell face first and hit her head hard.

All she could do was scream


Her daddy ran to her all the way from his car,

Didn’t even hesitate to take her in his arms.

He asked if she was okay,

And wiped her tears away.

He said, “Don’t you be afraid,

Daddy’s here to stay.

You know I’ll do anything

To make sure that you’re safe.

Remember when you’re in pain,

Just call my name

And I’ll come running.

‘Cause that’s just what daddies do.”

Brown eyed, beautiful teenage girl,

Trying to find her place in this great big world.

She acts so strong, and tries to hold on.

But sometimes life can be oh-so cruel.

She wonders what’s the point of following the rules.

Can’t I go make my own way?

Why do I have to stay?

Her daddy comes to talk to her in her room.

She knows that means more punishment is coming soon.

But this time he holds her hand,

Tries to help her understand.

He said, “I know it just seems

I’m being so unfair.

But I do everything I do

Just because I care

About my baby girl.

I don’t want this world

To ruin your future.

And that’s just what daddies do.”

The years had gone by as they tend to do.

Daddy found himself in bed, couldn’t even move.

Tears filled her eyes, she fell apart inside.

She said Daddy I don’t know if I can live without you.

And what about Momma? she just can’t lose

Her very best friend.

This can’t be the end.

Her daddy took her hand in his and held it tight.

His bright smile reached all the way to his eyes.

He felt such peace deep down,

Although there was no hope around.

He said, “It’s gonna be okay

Even if I have to go away.

And you know that none of us

Are here to stay.

We have a hope that someday

This pain will be erased.

Don’t forget that Jesus is holding you now,

Even if you can’t see past the clouds.

Just reach out to Him.

He’ll guide you to the end.

‘Cause He’s your daddy,

And that’s just what daddies do.”

Kelsi Curry (Morrell)| 1-28-2014

Happy birthday, Grandma

Another year has gone

It’s hard to think you’ve been away

Already for so long

Life just kept moving forward

Though sometimes

I begged for it to stop

Just so I could remember

I loved the way you’d whisper

“Jesus I need you”

You’d hold my hand while driving

Though that’s not what teenagers usually do

Your laugh was full of life

Even when life was hard

You were always strong for others

You were always strong for me

You tried to teach me a lot

Like sewing, crocheting, piano playing

I didn’t pay attention often

But maybe more than you were thinking 

You taught me to be selfless

To never, ever quit

You gave…

…and gave…

…and gave

Until all was gone

It’s because of you I’m here

You always took care of me

I thought we’d always be together

I never thought you’d have to leave

But God’s ways are higher than mine

You taught me to trust Him

You told me HE would never leave

And, Grandma…

You were right

So thank you for the legacy

That you have left behind

No matter what time passes

You’ll be always

In my heart and in my mind

Happy birthday in heaven to my precious Grandma Marie. Your legacy lives on. Nearly 10 years laterI’m still singing with all my heart – “Save a place for me. I’ll be there soon.” I love youGrandma. 

♥️ Your baby girl, Kelsi Marie