Love –
such a small word.
Only 4 letters,

But, oh the meanings
and expectations
and preconceived notions
that it can hold.

To some love is laughter
and fun all the time.
To some love is long talks
and long walks
and always seeing eye-to-eye.

Yet, to some,
love is cruel and unfair and unkind;
a force to be reckoned with,
a lonely, dark night;
a place where all fear and all guilt and all pain
is proudly displayed
as if it’s some kind of game.

But somewhere in the middle
of grand fairytales and imagined horror
is the sweet, gentle current of love
– real love –
though many don’t know it.

While walking and talking with love,
you might find,
those fears, guilts, and pains
just seem to subside.

Though love won’t let you
stay as you are,
it comes in and
gently requests residence.

Sooner or later, you’ll find
where once was a broken
mess of a soul,
afraid of loving and letting go,
love swept softly and kindly
through sorrows and griefs,
and said, “You are mine –
I’m in it for keeps.”

Kelsi Curry © 2019