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Learning is a major part of anyone’s life, whether they are school-lovers like me, or play-lovers like my husband. 😄 At the job, at home, at play, at school… everywhere, there is something to learn.

You learn lessons all throughout life from a variety of sources. For the first few years of life, you learn most of your lessons from your parents, siblings, and other family members.

Once you hit about five or six years old, you still learn lessons at home, but you add on another dimensional of learning called formal education. 🥳 

Then, once you land your first job, you start yet another form of learning. And I could go on and on.

But, what about when you become a parent?

Goodness knows that parenthood is an entirely new level of learning. You may scour to internet for advice, devour parenting books like candy, ask tons of questions at the doctor’s office, or interrogate others that have conquered this mountain ahead of you.

I know. I’ve been there. Even better, I was there during lockdowns and stay-at-home orders due to the novel coronavirus that swept through the US during 2020.

Sure, there’s plenty of information to be read, heard, etc. out there. But when it comes right down to it, you and your spouse have a crazy journey ahead. Regardless of the “lessons” you learn from others, there will be plenty of lessons you will need to learn for yourself. 

What has amazed me the most over the past six months of my daughter’s precious, new life is how much she has taught me already.

>> insert plot twist <<

That’s right! My baby girl teaches me things all. the. time. 

I was considering that just yesterday, and I felt compelled to share it with you all. So, here are some things my daughter has taught me thus far.



7 Things My Daughter Has Taught Me


Ask for Help When Needed

Ouch! What a big lesson that I still seem to be learning after all this time of living.

Of course, little Annie doesn’t have the ability to verbally ask for help yet. However, she has her ways, and she knows how to request help when she needs it!

For example, she’s currently trying to figure out how to stand on her own. She uses anything she can to pull herself up. When she needs a little extra support, she reaches for my hand to steady herself.


Be Independent

Wait… didn’t you just say ask for help?

Right. When needed.

But it’s also important to learn a little independence. There’s nothing like seeing her face light up when she accomplishes something on her own. 


Try New (and Hard!) Things

One of the rewards of gaining independence is feeling the gratification of accomplishment. As a brand new human, everything we take for granted is also brand new to these tiny humans! Things probably look so big, scary and difficult to their eyes. 

Yet they have a drive deep down inside of them to learn all of these new, “hard” things. It’s honestly so inspiring to watch as Annie tries something new, fails, and tries again… over and over… until she gets it! 

If a little baby can, so can I.



Smile at Everyone, Even Strangers


It’s easy to just take care of business, go through the motions, and get things done throughout our day. We can see 10, 20, even 50 or more people in a single day, and possibly not even make eye contact with them. 

But once a baby learns to smile, you know what they want to do?


It’s so neat to watch Annie’s face light up with recognition at friends and family. Sometimes it’s even more amazing to watch her light up at a total stranger. And you know how that makes them feel?


(By the way, people can tell if you’re really smiling, even with a mask on. Give it a shot. 😉)


Have Fun

…with anything! 

Annie  loves to play and have fun. We’ve got plenty of “fancy” toys made just for babies, but you know what? She doesn’t even need all of those to have a great time.

One of her favorite things to do right now is play peek-a-boo with the mirror, or find something I hid under a bowl or pillow. Having fun with her is so simple and so rewarding.



Enjoy the Little Things

(This might be one of my favorite things my daughter has taught me.)

It doesn’t take a whole lot to get my baby girl to smile.

One of her favorite things is to walk outside and feel the spring breeze and sunshine on her face. She gets the biggest grin when we step outdoors. I can’t help but smile with her. 

As a matter of fact, I actually love being outdoors even more now that she’s around. She’s showing me how.


Never Give Up

It doesn’t matter how many times Annie falls down after trying to stand up. Guess what? She’s going to grab onto something and try one more time until she masters it. Even when that fall brings tears, you can count on it that she will try again.

What an awesome reminder to never, ever give up.



Those are just a handful of the things my daughter has taught me. What about you? Have you learned any great lessons from unexpected places? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Most of us know the phrase, “a kid at heart.” Well, I don’t remember being accused of such a thing before, as I’ve always been rather serious. I have been accused of being an 80 year-old stuck in a 19 year-old body. But, that’s beside the point.

However, I recently realized that there are some things about me that are still rather “kid-ish”, as I’m sure is the case for most folks. I also had a strange epiphany that there is a particular childhood lesson which I still have not learned.

You see, when I was probably 10 or 11, I experienced quite a disheartening moment – I was grounded for the first time. 

My best friend and I went swimming in my backyard pool the previous day, and I turned the water hose on and brought it to the pool to cool down the water. I did this often, so it was no big deal.

The next morning. I was awakened by a not-so-pleasant surprise. My aunt was accusing me of leaving the water running outside, causing the pool to overflow, and of course, a spike in the monthly water bill. I didn’t think there was any way this could have been my fault, but alas… no one else had gone swimming. 

I had left the water hose running.

All. Day. And. All. Night. Long.


Fast forward 13+ years later, and I did something quite similar.

I made some of my Delicious Curry Chili (check out the recipe!), and set the stove on to simmer around 3pm on a Thursday. We had somewhere to be that evening, so as soon as Andrew got home, we scarfed down a bowl, and rushed out the door.

Fast forward to the next morning — I was preparing to make my daily fried eggs and toast, and Andrew was getting ready for work. I turned my favorite burner on for eggs, and lo and behold…

The back burner was still on simmer.

I wanted to cry. 

Alas, it looks like I’ve still got some simple lessons to learn.

Meanwhile, I’m thankful for God’s protection, because that could have been disastrous. And for auto withdrawal… so I don’t actually have to look at that awful bill in a few days.