Most of us know the phrase, “a kid at heart.” Well, I don’t remember being accused of such a thing before, as I’ve always been rather serious. I have been accused of being an 80 year-old stuck in a 19 year-old body. But, that’s beside the point.

However, I recently realized that there are some things about me that are still rather “kid-ish”, as I’m sure is the case for most folks. I also had a strange epiphany that there is a particular childhood lesson which I still have not learned.

You see, when I was probably 10 or 11, I experienced quite a disheartening moment – I was grounded for the first time. 

My best friend and I went swimming in my backyard pool the previous day, and I turned the water hose on and brought it to the pool to cool down the water. I did this often, so it was no big deal.

The next morning. I was awakened by a not-so-pleasant surprise. My aunt was accusing me of leaving the water running outside, causing the pool to overflow, and of course, a spike in the monthly water bill. I didn’t think there was any way this could have been my fault, but alas… no one else had gone swimming. 

I had left the water hose running.

All. Day. And. All. Night. Long.


Fast forward 13+ years later, and I did something quite similar.

I made some of my Delicious Curry Chili (check out the recipe!), and set the stove on to simmer around 3pm on a Thursday. We had somewhere to be that evening, so as soon as Andrew got home, we scarfed down a bowl, and rushed out the door.

Fast forward to the next morning — I was preparing to make my daily fried eggs and toast, and Andrew was getting ready for work. I turned my favorite burner on for eggs, and lo and behold…

The back burner was still on simmer.

I wanted to cry. 

Alas, it looks like I’ve still got some simple lessons to learn.

Meanwhile, I’m thankful for God’s protection, because that could have been disastrous. And for auto withdrawal… so I don’t actually have to look at that awful bill in a few days.


Who knew ordering pizza could be such a calamity?

First off… let’s remember that calamity is “an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress.”

Okay, so maybe calamity is too strong of a word. Let’s just run with it.

It went something like this…

It’s a little after 3PM, and Annie is finally sound asleep in my arms after a long battle to take a nap. I realize that I didn’t make dinner plans, and I really want pizza.

“Can we just order a pizza for tonight?” read the text to the hubs. 

Approved! Here goes the ordering. Medium pizza. Breadsticks. He’s picking it up on his way home from work.

At 3:20 on the dot, another text to the hubs reads. “Oh no.”

“I ordered it for right now.”


Pizza calamity strikes. 

Seems like a simple solution? Call the place and change it. But the line was busy, and then they picked up, and then I was placed on hold, and then the order status said “In the Oven”.

Go figure. 

So, I resigned myself to the fact that, as a result of my error, I would have to load Annie up and travel to pick up the pizza myself.

This may seem like a simple task to you, but maybe you’ve never traveled with a screaming infant in the back seat. Try it sometime, and then we’ll talk. 😉

After a tear-filled trip to Domino’s (which, mind you, is just over a mile away), slightly lengthened by a TRAIN (!!!), I finally made it home with all my mental faculties in place — though, I can’t speak for Annie on that part. And I only ate 2 breadsticks on the journey. 

Needless to say, I encountered great testing of my faith and patience as a result of simply ordering pizza. It will forevermore be considered pizza calamity.

Now I’m just hoping that, while I endeavored to calm Annie down and type out this calamity, the dog hasn’t gotten ahold of our dinner.