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5 EASY Ways to Save Money TODAY!

Most of these tips you can find just about anywhere you search on the Internet. So what makes this post different?

I have personal experience with each of these, and I’m going to share all the nitty gritty, ugly truth with you. #transparency

Eat at Home

Cliche. Yes. But it’s the truth.

Let me just be real for one moment…

At the beginning of the year, I printed out our bank statements for the previous three months and used different color highlighters to group the different ways we spent our money (i.e., yellow for groceries, green for bills, etc.). I calculated each category, and I was astounded – and frightened – to find out that we had spent $500 on eating out in just one month.


What. on. earth.

Now, we can throw out all the excuses in the world to reason with the absurdity of this number. We had a new baby. We were busy with activities. I struggle to eat enough calories to keep up with Annie. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. 

But the ugly truth is that sometimes humanity is just lazy. You can do a lot of things such as meal planning, weekly grocery shopping (with a list!), meal prep, freezer meals, and much more in order to EASILY save money on food!

If you’d like some more in-depth ideas, I suggest you check out Amanda at The Little Frugal House. Her and her husband are money saving, debt paying PROS. They paid off their mortgagein just 5 years!! 😱 

So yeah… you should definitely check out The Little Frugal House.


Make Your Own Coffee

>>insert foreboding music<<

Not everyone drinks coffee, but a lot of people do. (Obviously, because I think I see more brands of coffee popping up all of the time.)

It may be a bit of a learning curve to make your own coffee at home, especially if you like *fancy* coffee. But i promise, it’s possible! There are so many DIY recipes out there for lattes, frappucinos, espressos – anything you can think of!

Here are a couple of my favorite DIY recipes:

I tend to make up the rest of my experiments coffees.

You don’t have to have a fancy coffee maker, but it helps.

You can even buy all the fancy syrups online to make your coffee taste extra fantastic (if that’s your thing).

Then, when you have company over, you can wow them with your amazing coffee making skills.

Speaking from personal experience, this is a lot of fun. 🤪


Use Reward Apps

People spend money. The end of the story. We buy gifts, we buy clothes, we eat out, we buy fancy coffee, and so on.

So, why not look for ways to be rewarded for the money you’re already spending? 

Plus, these apps are 100% free!




Rakuten is a money saving app that partners with a ton of online shops to give you cash back on the money you’re already spending. Basically, companies pay Rakuten to send traffic to their websites, which equals cash back for Rakuten users!

I’ll be honest here – I don’t do a ton of online shopping, except with Amazon (which unfortunately is not connected with Rakuten).

However, this was particularly awesome during the Christmas season, because I could look for cash back rewards that would actually make buying directly from a name brand store CHEAPER than buying from Amazon. 🤭

Sign up today and you’ll get $30 cash back after you spend your first $30!


Fetch Rewards

Do you ever keep receipts, but you’re not sure why?

Do you just throw them away?

Well… Here is a reason to keep those receipts! Fetch Rewards gives you points just for uploading your receipts! Then, once you hit 25,000 points, you get a $25 gift card! And you didn’t even do anything differently except take a photo of your receipt. 

I will say that it takes a good while to rack up points. However, if you watch out for *extra* point opportunities (for example, a certain brand rewards extra points for buying from them), then you can really rack up the points. Plus, they periodically offer extra points, just because!

If you sign up with my referral code 4ARA6 then you will get 2,000 points just for uploading your first receipt!



I’m still learning about Ibotta because there are so many ways to save money using this app.

You can get cash back from online grocery shopping (which so many people are doing now).

You can get cash back when you buy gift cards.

You can get cash back when you do your online shopping at so many of the stores affiliated with Ibotta.

You can search through the offers and get cash back on different items that are already on your grocery list, simply by snapping a photo of your receipt.

And the list goes on and on!

For example, I just selected 3 offers that popped up on the main screen of my Ibotta app:

  • $0.50 back on any item from any grocery receipt
  • $0.25 back on any brand of any variety of shredded cheese
  • $0.25 back on any brand of bananas

And BAM. After my grocery trip tomorrow, I will simply upload my receipt, and get $1 cash back for things I was already buying anyway!


Save Change

Okay, so this obviously only works if you use cash. 

However, I think we all use cash at least sometimes, especially with the growing popularity of the cash envelope system. 

If you don’t know what the cash envelope system is, it’s another great way to save money and make sure you stay in the budget. Basically, you withdraw the cash every month (or week, or however often) for the things you’ll be spending money on during that time. Then, once the cash is gone… no more spending!

Anyway, one thing you can do is save all the change that you get and watch it add up in a surprisingly quick manner.

Let’s say you spend $8.13 at Raising Cane’s for lunch, and you pay with a $10. You’ll get $1.87 back. Put the $0.87 in a piggy bank, or jar, or whatever other container you’d like. (Better if it’s transparent so you can watch the change pile grow!)

If you do that only once a week for the entire year, you’ll save over $45! Just by collecting the change that will probably fall into the cushions of the couch, or get lost under the seats in your car! 😁

It’s even better if you label your jar with a specific use like “New Winter Boots” or “Weekend Vacation” so you’ve got a goal you’re working toward!


Remove Saved Card Info

So this last tip seems so simple, it’s almost ridiculous. But guess what – it WORKS. 

I got this tip during a free webinar with Caroline Vencil, who is a money saving and money making machine. She claimed that it would prevent impulse shopping online. I went ahead and gave it a shot and…

She was right.

The convenience of having your card(s) info saved onto your phone or computer makes it so easy to buy, buy, buy without stopping to consider, “Is this in the budget? Do I need this? Do I really love this? Will this serve me well? Is it worth it?”

But those are all things that should be considered when making purchases.

Simply removing your saved card(s) info from your devices makes it an inconvenience to shop online, thus making it more unlikely that you will buy impulsively.

Just give it a shot. I dare you. You probably don’t need that lightning deal from Amazon, anyway.

And if you really do, it will be worth it to type in your card info. 😉

There you have it – 5 EASY ways you can save money TODAY, probably even before you go to bed tonight!

What are some ways you save money? Let me know in the comments!