I don’t know of a person that doesn’t get on Pinterest at least sometimes for something. It’s basically the second in line of search engines, next to Google.

There are so many ideas on Pinterest that it can be overwhelming at times. But what I love is that you can narrow down your search as much as you want, and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll find what you’re looking for — whether that’s a blueberry butter recipe, a way to build your own outdoor furniture, or a list of toxic cleaning items you can replace with homemade ones.

Here are 5 of my favorite people / groups, and why you should go follow these 5 people on Pinterest!


These folks are pretty awesome. They are constantly posting ingenious ways to reuse common and/or cheap items.

Here are a few of my favorites from their Pinterest account. The first two are in my projects to-do list! I’d also love to do #3, but I’ve got to work up lots of courage first. 😜

Jennifer Maker

Jennifer Maker is… a maker. 🤪 She makes ALL kinds of crafts, mainly using her Cricut machines.

By the way — Cricut is having some great Mother’s Day sales! Check them out!

Save $50 on the Cricut Air Explore 2! Valid thru 5/11

Save $70 on the Cricut Maker! Valid thru 5/11

Save 30% on iron-on materials! Valid thru 5/11

Her tutorials are so easy to follow, and when you sign up for her email list, you get access to LOADS of free stuff!

And actually… the password is at the bottom of most of her posts. 😉

Here are 3 of my favorite tutorials from Jennifer Maker:

Recreated Designs

Recreated Designs is similar to Hometalk. However, as the name implies, they focus mainly on turning a thing into something completely different. Their stuff is just plain cool.

Here are some favs… I’ve already got a mirror for the first one, so it will be happening SOON!

Abby Lawson — Just A Girl & Her Blog

Abby Lawson is like the queen or organization and beautiful decor. If you just need to spend a few minutes gazing at a lovely, aesthetically calming home… just hang around her Pinterest account or blog for a bit. *swoon*

She has a TON of great tips, tricks, etc. out there. It’s hard to pick some favorites, but here you go!

(Go to the before and after home tour. Just do it.)

Jennifer @ The Intentional Mom

Last but certainly not least is Jennifer. WHOA. She has 9 kids, which she homeschools, and she’s basically incredible.

Obviously, she’s learned a lot about how to run her home efficiently. She provides all kinds of savings tips, cleaning and organizing guides, and a whole lot more.

I’ve attended a couple of webinars she’s taught, and let me tell you — she is inspiring!

Also, her emails are pretty great. 😊 They come every evening, which is more than most will do, but they are so personal and fun.

Here’s just a few favorites from The Intentional Mom.

Now that I’ve shared why you should follow these 5 people on Pinterest, I’m super motivated to go conquer a couple of the projects I listed. Ha!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Who are your Pinterest favorites? I’m always looking for good project and cleaning inspiration! 🤗

PS — If you’re on Pinterest, give me a follow at kmcurry2019!

PPS — I realized after putting this together that I didn’t include ANY food or motivational related Pinterest groups. 😱 Looks like I’ll have to compile a separate list soon!

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